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      We make cassettes, CDs, DVDs, vinyl, posters, Custom USB keys and other merch.

      we're hiring

      audio cassette duplication
      Complete duplication packages
      CD pressing packages

      CD Pressing

      Real CD pressing from a glass master in Jewel Cases or cardboard sleeves
      12 inch vinyl pressing

      12 Inch Vinyl Pressing

      Get a quote on 12 inch vinyl pressing
      printing services

      Printing Services

      We print CD covers, record jackets and sleeves, booklets, posters, calendars, banners, and anything else you need! Our printshop is fully equipped with a Komori offset press, digital presses, diecutting and bindery equipment so we can do all sorts of jobs.
      audio cassette duplication

      Blank Tapes

      Buy blank tapes and supplies in the shop
      CD duplication
      Short-run CD duplication, bulk packed or with full packaging and printing
      7 inch vinyl pressing
      Contact us for a quote on 7 inch record pressing
      Vinyl Record Sleeves and Supplies

      Vinyl Supplies Shop

      A wide variety of sleeves and blank covers for collectors, record shops, and bands
      Custom boxes and packages for audio cassette

      Custom Cassette Packages

      Awesome and unique ways to package your cassettes
      Printed cardboard CD sleeves and wallets

      Printed Cardboard CD Packages

      Printed CD/DVD cardboard sleeves and wallets with fast turnaround
      DVD pressing packages

      DVD Pressing

      DVD pressing from a glass master
      VHS duplication

      VHS Duplication

      Duplication, printing, and packaging for retro VHS releases
      etching and laser engraving on cassette


      Laser engraving directly on cassettes and jewel cases
      Blank disc printing

      Blank disc printing

      Silkscreen and inkjet printing on blank CD, DVD, and Blu-ray discs
      CD duplication
      Short-run DVD duplication
      Blu-ray duplication

      Blu-ray Duplication

      High Definition Blu-ray duplication

      CD Pressing Direct From Analogue Media Technologies

      CD Pressing Direct From the Manufacturer

      Analogue Media Technologies continues its growth with the expansion of their 200 Middlefield Rd. factory and warehouse in Scarborough, Ontario! Our facilities include a professional CD/DVD pressing plant, a high-quality printshop specializing in digital and offset print, and an audio cassette duplication center. We offer top quality and fast service to artists, labels, brokers, resellers, printshops, government, and corporate accounts.

      Contact us via email or give us a call at 1-800-777-1927.

      Click here to read testimonials from past clients!

      new cassettes arrived

      New cassettes have arrived

      We have new cassette colour arrivals almost every week. See our cassette selection guide to keep to up date on our latest stock.

      free shipping for audio cassettes

      Free Shipping to the United States and Canada for Audio Cassettes

      We ship to the USA by UPS and our shipping rates are very competitive. Transport time can be as quick as 2 days depending on the area. We offer FREE SHIPPING TO THE USA AND CANADA on tape duplication packages.

      help wanted

      Help Wanted

      Sales, production, and customer service help wanted in Toronto. Visit our jobs page for the latest openings, or to simply send us a CV for future consideration.


      Social Media

      twitter page for instagram page for some videos on youtube from Analogue Media Technologies Inc.

      Here is our cassette-focused facebook page facebook page for


      2-Panel CD Sleeves

      2-Panel CD Sleeves

      Lightweight but durable cardboard sleeves are our recommended CD package for those working on a budget! Click here to order 2-Panel CD Sleeves with CD replication.

      Upload Your Files

      Upload Your Files!

      You can click here to upload your artwork, audio, or video files. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to email us!


      About Us

      (Analogue Media Technologies Inc., Amtech) is your most reliable duplication source in Canada for more than 30 years. We offer quick turnaround on CD and DVD duplication, DVD replication and audio cassette manufacturing, even same-day service. We offer CD and CD-ROM replication of any quantity starting from 100 pieces. We once again offer 12 inch and 7 inch vinyl pressing. We also offer an extensive variety of printed inserts, mailers, boxes, and posters - and we have the graphic arts and prepress skills to make sure your CDs or cassettes look great. And to round out our product line to make us truly a one-stop shop, we have very competitive prices on blank CD-Rs and DVD-Rs, cassettes and accessories.